Motor-Driven Diaphragm Metering Pump

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ProMinent Motor-Driven Diaphragm Metering Pump - S3CB - Sigma 3 Controltyp Version B

  • Capacity range: 182 – 1,040 l/h, 12 – 4 bar

  • smart motor-driven metering pump

  • Safe: In the event of an accident, the feed chemical does not escape to the outside nor into the pump's power end, thanks to the patented multi-layer safety diaphragm with optical (optionally electric) signalling.

  • Integrated relief valve protects the pump against overloading and reliable operation by means of a bleed option during the metering process.

  • External control is scalable via potential-free contacts with pulse step-up and step-down, batch mode or via a 0/4-20 mA standard signal.

  • Flexibly connectible: Connection to process management systems via integral PROFIBUS®, CANopen interface.

  • Integral log book saves up to 300 events and simplifies troubleshooting and analysis of the cause.

  • Weight: 22 kg



Technical Details

Drive type : H - main drive
Pump type : 12027 - 12 bar , 365 l/h
Dosing head material : PV - PVDF
Seal material : T - PTFE seal
Displacer material : S - multilayer diaphragm opt. indication
Dosing head version : 0 - without vent, without valve
Hydraulic connection : 0 - standard
Version : 0 - with PM logo
El. power supply U - 1ph, 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 420W
Cable and plug : A - 2m Europe
Relay function : 0 - without relay
Control mode : 1 -
Overpressure shutdown : 0 - without overpressure shutdown
Control unit : 0 - HMI m.Click Wheel (0,5m cable)
Access code : 0 - o. access contr. over.-watch. dyn.
Languages : EN - English
Approval : 01 - CE
Frequency : 50/60Hz
Voltage : 100-240V
Power : 420W
Protection class : IP65
Flow rate : 365l/h
Back pressure : 10bar



  • All industrial applications, either as a stand-alone unit or integrated in a complete system
  • Volume-proportional addition of chemicals in water treatment, e.g. sodium hypochlorite for the disinfection of potable water

  • Neutralisation in waste water treatment

  • Pulse-controlled metering in the bottling of different volumes e.g. glycerine filling of manometers

  • With an integrated timer as a control unit for simple processes, e.g. biocide metering in cooling water


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