6-channel Recorder with Touch Screen - 57”-TFT-color screen (640 × 480 Pixel 16-bit color depth)

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6-channel recorder with touch screen - 57”-TFT-color screen (640 × 480 Pixel 16-bit color depth)

  • Intuitive touch operation

  • Up to 2 analog outputs

  • Up to 6 customer specific process images

  • PROFINET IO device interface (extra code)

  • Integrated web server for online visualization as on the device

  • Recording of a batch report

  • Limit value monitoring (24 channels)

  • Flow measurement (2 channels, optional)

Memory 1 GB; variable cycle time from 125 ms; data export via external storage media, e.g. USB memory stick
Display 5.7" TFT color screen (640 × 480 pixels, 16-bit color depth) with resistive touch screen
Internal channels (standard)
6 counters/integrators; 4 group reports (min./max./average)
Inputs via interface 24 external analog inputs and 24 external digital inputs as well as 14 external texts (10 batch texts, 4 event texts)
Inputs and outputs up to 6 analog inputs; up to 6 digital inputs; up to 2 analog outputs; up to 12 digital inputs/outputs, including up to 2 high-speed counting inputs (up to 12.5 kHz); 1 relay output (changeover contact)


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