DULCO Trans 41/1000 PVDF Barrel Pump

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DULCO Trans 41/1000 PVDF Barrel Pump

If liquids are to transferred, this drum pump is the ideal solution. The device is used for filling, emptying and transferring non-flammable and non-explosive liquids from canisters, hobbocks, drums, containers and containers.

  • Max. Delivery rate: 112 l/min (The delivery rate is measured with water at 20 °C, pressure pipe 1" and oval wheel meter)
  • Max. Delivery head: 16.0 m

unused excess stock with 30 days durability guarantee


Component Material
Outer and inner tube, nozzle 
Drive shaft
Hastelloy® C
Rotor PVDF
Delivery hose
Cross-linked PE

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