Schneider Electric Adaptor Module 140CRA93200C

Schneider Electric Adaptor Module 140CRA93200C

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Schneider Electric Adaptor Module 140CRA93200C

Modicon Quantum RIO drop - 2 connectors with redundant cable


Product compatibility Quantum
Maximum number of I/O expansion module 27
type of cable 75 Ohm coaxial cable
Transmission rate 1544 Mbit/s
Dynamic range 35 dB
isolation voltage 500 V DC coaxial center and ground
electrical connection 2 female connectors F, elbowed with redundant cable
Diagnostics startup RAM address/data
Power up and runtime
Executive checksum
power dissipation in W 3.8 W 2 channels
bus current requirement 750 mA 2 channels
Module format Standard


Original Packaging
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