WIKA Temperature sensor TR10-C PT100

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WIKA Temperature sensor TR10-C PT100/0_2012-12380

  • Pt100 temperature sensor with screw-in protective tube
  • Pt100/4-wire/class A
  • Measuring range: -30...300 °C
  • Media: liquids and gases
  • Connection housing: BSZ spherical shape
  • Transmitter: T15 programmable
  • Analog output: 4-20mA/2-wire
  • Process connection: G 1/2 B
  • Protective tube: Straight
  • Protection tube diameter: 9 x 1 mm
  • Neck length: 130 mm
  • Diameter measuring insert: 6 mm
  • Power supply: 10...30 V DC
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • EU declaration of conformity
  • IECEx - in conjunction with ATEX


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