Lenze Asynchronous Helical Geared Servo Motor GST06-2AVCR-17NC35 6,9kW - unused / inutilisé / nieużywany / sin usar

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 Lenze Asynchronous Helical Geared Servo Motor GST06-2AVCR-17NC35 6,9kW


Servo helical geared motor
Type                             GST06-2AVCR-17NC35
Kind of motor                    Asynchronous servo motor
Mounting on gearbox (flange)     Direct mounting (integr. mot.)
Rated power                      6,9 kW
Rated torque                     19 Nm
Rated speed                      3.480 r/min
Rated current                    15,8 A
Rated frequency                  120 Hz
Ratio                            8,163
Output speed                     426,3 r/min
Output torque                    151 Nm
Enclosure                        IP54
Temperature class                F
Output shaft                     V - solid shaft 30x60 mm
Gearbox design                   C - without foot with centring
Flange on output side            R - without flange
Electr. connection - power       Terminal box
Electr. connection - feedback    Terminal box
Mounting position                A
Lubricant type                   CLP HC 320
Colour                           RAL 9005 = Jet black dull
Output shaft bearing             reinforced
Breather element                 Vent valve fitted
Nameplate 1st / 2nd              2C
Nameplate - additional data      BHS-TNR 113015400


unused excess stock with durability guarantee

produit d'occasion inutilisé avec une garantie de durabilité

produkt nieużywany, używany, z gwarancją trwałości

Producto de segunda mano sin usar con garantía de durabilidad

prodotto di seconda mano inutilizzato con garanzia di durata

produto em segunda mão não utilizado com garantia de durabilidade

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