IFM DS2003 - Monitor, Evaluation Unit

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IFM DS2003  -  Monitor, Evaluation Unit

  • MONITOR/FS-1 /110-240VAC/DC
  • LCD display
  • Programming buttons
  • LEDs
  • 2 relay outputs
  • 2 transistor outputs
  • Application:  pulse evaluation system with µprocessor for slip/synchronous monitoring as well as frequency; rotational speed and speed
  • Switching function: 1 switching output for slip monitoring; 1 switching output for overspeed/underspeed and acceptable range


Nominal voltage AC [V] 110...240
Nominal voltage DC [V] 27
Nominal voltage tolerance [%] < 10
Nominal voltage tolerance 2 [%] 20...10
Nominal frequency AC [Hz] 50...60
Power consumption [W] 3
Auxiliary energy for sensors DC [V] 19.6...27.7; (SELV, ≤ 150 mA)


Number of relay outputs 2
Contact rating 6 A (250 V AC); B300, R300


Ambient temperature [°C] -40...60
Storage temperature [°C] -40...85
Max. relative air humidity [%] 80; (40 °C: 50 %)
Protection IP 50
Protection rating terminals IP 20


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