Schneider Electric 140CPS11420C power supply module Modicon - 115 V/230V AC PLC

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power supply module Modicon Quantum - 115 V/230 V AC - summable or standalone

input voltage 115 V (93...132 V) AC 47…63 Hz
230 V (170...276 V) AC
input current 1300 mA at 115 V
750 mA at 230 V
inrush current 19 A 230 V
38 A 115 V
Rated power in VA 130 VA
associated fuse rating 2 A, slow-blow
Harmonic distortion <= 10 % of fundamental rms value
output voltage 5.1 V DC
power supply output current 11 A 60 °C standalone
20 A 60 °C summable
Output overvoltage protection Internal
Output overload protection Internal
Power dissipation 6 + (1.5 x Iout) where Iout is in A
alarm output 1 NC 6 A 220 V power supply fault
local signalling 1 LED (green) for power (PWR OK)
Marking CE
Module format Standard


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