Schneider Electric Discrete Output Module 140DAO85300C

Schneider Electric Discrete Output Module 140DAO85300C

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Schneider Electric Discrete Output Module 140DAO85300C


Discrete output number 32
Group of channels 4 groups of 8 channels
Supply frequency 47...63 Hz
Maximum voltage drop 1.5 V
discrete output voltage 20...253 V AC
Addressing requirement 2 output words
absolute maximum output 300 Vrms for 10 s AC
400 Vrms 1 cycle AC
maximum load current 16 A rms per module
4 A rms per group
0.88 mA 230 V off state leakage per output
1 A rms 20...253 V per output
surge current 2.5 A during 1 ms
DV/dt 400 V/ms
response time <= 0.5 ms at state 0 to state 1
<= 0.5 ms at state 1 to state 0
Protection type Internal output protection by 4 A fuse
Internal by RC filter
Power dissipation 1.60 + (1.0 V x total module load current)
marking CE
local signalling 1 LED (green) for bus communication is present (Active)
1 LED (red) for external fault detected (F)
32 LEDs (green) for input status
Bus current requirement 320 mA
Module format Standard
Net weight 0.45 kg


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