Phoenix Contact MINI MCR-2-UNI-UI-2UI-C Signal duplicator

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  • Universally configurable 4-way signal duplicator
  • With plug-in connection technology for the electrical isolation and duplication of analog signals
  • Configurable via DIP switch or software
  • Screw connection technology
Product type Signal duplicator
MINI Analog Pro
No. of channels 2
Type Signal conditioner
Configuration DIP switches


No. of channels 2
Electrical isolation 4-way isolation
Step response (0–99%) 140 ms (15 Hz sample rate)
45 ms (60 Hz sample rate)
25 ms (240 Hz sample rate, can only be set via software)
Maximum temperature coefficient 0.01 %/K
Maximum transmission error 0.05 % (of final value)


Rated insulation voltage 300 Vrms
Test voltage 3 kV AC (50 Hz, 60 s)
Insulation Reinforced insulation according to IEC/EN 61010-1


Nominal supply voltage 24 V DC
Supply voltage range 9.6 V DC ... 30 V DC (The DIN rail connector (ME 6,2 TBUS-2 1,5/5-ST-3,81 GN, item no. 2869728) can be used to bridge the supply voltage. It can be snapped onto a 35 mm DIN rail in accordance with EN 60715)
Typical current consumption 55 mA (24 V DC)
110 mA (12 V DC)
Power consumption ≤ 1.5 W (at IOUT = 20 mA, 9.6 V DC, 600 Ω load)


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