Zollern Gearbox and Gear Unit PSK ZHP3 31L-EX 2507.14-E

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Zollern Gearboxes and Gear Units PSK ZHP3 31L-EX 2507.14-E

Zollern Getriebe + G-Teile PSK ZHP3 31L-EX 2507,14-E

  • 1 Gearbox (833101030, 1472270)
  • 1 Gear Unit (B: 1472322, CH: 39959)
  • Application areas:  sugar mills, stacker reclaimers, bucket wheel excavators, mining excavators, roller presses, extruders
  • Explosion-proof
  • Industrial planetary gearbox and drive shaft for tunneling machines
  • Year of Manufacture: 2016


Condition: Never used surplus stock